What is Maryland Culture?

Daman Decker, Student Voice Editor

Because DeMatha is a private school, it draws students from all over the state of Maryland and even beyond. Without the hindrance of school districts, we get to see students from all sorts of areas in the DMV. That is part of what makes the DeMatha’s brotherhood so special. With this blend of Marylanders, we can address a question that may not be so easily answered. What is Maryland culture?

Maryland has an interesting mix of rural areas and cities, where a 30-minute can land you in either extreme. These two drastically different environments may seem like they would not have a lot in common, but Jarrod Ghatt from Prince George’s County thinks that there is one thing that can bring everyone in Maryland together. “Everyone likes Old Bay,” said Jarrod when asked about something all Marylanders have in common. He also commented on the fact that everyone “Love(s) that flag.”

Jarrod does admit however, that there are some major differences according to location. His most emphasized point was the difference between the urban and rural areas, saying that there are “People from P.G. county, and then people from the east and south of Maryland.” Despite this sweeping generalization, Jarrod ended on a message that almost anyone can agree with, “I love crab”.

Peter Macyko of Calvert County said that where he is from, “It’s very rural.” He knows that this is not universal in Maryland, and said that “Many people are either exposed to Baltimore culture, where it’s very city life, or like D.C. and you are exposed to a clutter of people, or you live near me and you just see trees.” He believes that Maryland is a “very good mix” of geography, and Maryland’s nature plays into a big part of what he loves about his state. He says that there are “A lot of great parks” and that “the Chesapeake is a great sight.” Peter enjoys the blend of nature and the cities, and enjoys having both. “Annapolis and Baltimore are great cities where I always have a fun time.”

The best answer we can get for our question of Maryland culture was best said by Jarrod. “I don’t think we have a singular culture.” When living in Maryland you can enjoy the excitement of city life, admire the beauty of nature, and appreciate the fact that this is all available to you just a car ride away. Maryland’s diversity seems to be its strength when it comes to how great it is, and the same can be said about DeMatha. Peter’s concluding thoughts on his home state is that he “likes it for its home-feel.”