Tiger Woods Comeback


Tiger Woods at Augusta National

Keith Minor, Staff Writer

After a long-awaited return to golf, Tiger Woods played in the most prestigious Golf Tournament, Augusta National, on April 7.

Woods, who had been taken out of the golf scene around 17 months ago due to a car accident, returned for his first true tournament besides the father-son rounds he played with his son on December 18.

Wood’ legs, which were severely injured in the crash, were the main point of emphasis of reporters and analysts during the competition. The Augusta course is one of the hardest courses to navigate due to the hills and ongoing upward slope.

Despite the low performance of a 5-time Master’s champion, the crowd cheered him on throughout the course. He finished with a score of 17 over par, but the crowd gave him a standing ovation.

Even though he did not perform to his pre-injury capabilities, it gave everybody a sign that Tiger is back.